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ANYOTAILOR ร— ๐•๐ˆ๐๐„๐‚๐€&๐‚๐จ

ANYOTAILOR ร— ๐•๐ˆ๐๐„๐‚๐€&๐‚๐จ

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vibeca & co ร— ANYOTAILOR

Development of the first collaboration item

Of the embroidery technique that a craftsman drives all by hand

Luxurious side-swing ( hand gesture ) embroidery

Limited number of sukajan items

Even with the same pattern, the expression changes

Each craftsman thinks about the direction of the thread and how to pile it up.

because I am working

The luster and density of each thread will change.

A different expression is born one by one

Difficult to express with a machine

Characterized by three-dimensional thickness

All parts have some kind of embroidery.

Embroidering the entire surface up to this point

very rare very luxurious

It is an item

ANYOTAILOR icon on the chest

Features a pheasant character

On the other side of the reversible specification

This is also a luxurious original print

be bold All-over hand embroidery

All-over print with a pheasant theme

three-dimensional texture

Creates nice layers

Attached fastener

Uses valuable TARON double-sided fasteners

Sewing and patterns are ANYOTAILIOR

Designer NODY carefully sews one by one

The discerning pattern is quite special

In the silhouette of the hand called maeburi

The combined line erases the unfashionableness of the clothes

It can be worn sharply even when worn

vibeca & co 's envisioned design

ANYOTAILOR , which develops many things such as one-of-a-kind items

A special that expresses more than enough

will be the item

Limited production of 8 pieces, each with embroidery

No. 1-8ย Enter the serial number up to

can be a valuable art piece

Please try the special one .

Limited production number of 8

Available in 3 sizes

Please fill in the desired size in the remarks column.

For customers who wish to fine-tune the size

Please send us your instructions via the official line or email.

We will deliver it with a target of 2 months or more.

( The delivery date may change depending on the number of orders and the time of year )


ANYOTAILOR official line

M size Width 125cm

Length 70cm
shoulder width 48.5cm
Sleeve length 63.5cm

L size Width 130cm
Length 72.5cm
shoulder width 50cm
Sleeve length 65.5cm

XL size Width 135cm
Length 74cm
shoulder width 52.5cm
Sleeve length 67.5cm

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ambassador: new york

For purchases at actual stores, please come to the remaking salon store in Ambassador New York on the 7th floor of Hankyu Men's Tokyo. All the staff are waiting for you.

To purchase at the actual store, please come to Ambassador New York on the 7th floor of Hankyu Men's Tokyo.
Our staff is looking forward to seeing you soon!

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