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vibeca & co ร— ANYOTAILOR
First collaboration item launch
The embroidery technique is done entirely by hand by craftsmen.
The hand -drawn embroidery is lavishly applied.
Limited edition Sukajan items
The same pattern has different expressions
Each craftsman considers the direction of the thread and how it is laid out.
Because I'm working
The luster and density of the threads vary.
Each one has a different expression
It is difficult to express by machines
It features a three-dimensional thickness.
All parts have some kind of embroidery.
I've never embroidered anything so completely before.
Very rare and very luxurious
It is an item
On the chest is the ANYOTAILOR icon
The design features a pheasant character.
On the other side of the reversible design
This is also a luxurious original print
Boldly adornedย Hand-drawn embroidery all over
All-over pheasant-themed print
The three-dimensional texture
Creates a nice layered look
The included fastener
Uses valuable TARON double-sided zipper
Sewing and pattern by ANYOTAILIOR
Designer NODY carefully sews each piece .
The pattern is quite unique.
The silhouette of the hand, called maeburi
The matching lines eliminate the unfashionable look of the clothes.
You can wear it with a sharp look
The design envisioned by vibeca & co.
ANYOTAILOR , which offers a wide range of one-of-a-kind items,
A special expression that fully expresses
It will be an item
Limited production of 8 pieces, each with embroidery
No. 1 to 8ย Serial numbers up to
It could be a valuable piece of art
Please come and see this special piece in person.
Limited production of 8 pieces
(The remaining 5 slots will be available for orders from 1/2 onwards)
M size
Width: 125cm
Length: 70cm
Shoulder width: 48.5cm
Sleeve length: 63.5cm
L size
Width 130cm
Length 72.5cm
Shoulder width: 50cm
Sleeve length: 65.5cm
XL size
Width: 135cm
Length 74cm
Shoulder width: 52.5cm
Sleeve length: 67.5cm